Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big in Beijing: Six-Party Sloganeering

It is not often the case that I agree totally with the words of former U.S. Six-Party Talks negotiator Christopher Hill, but with this afternoon's “The Six-Party Talks have become less of a policy and more of a slogan,” he is very much correct.

China's diplomacy on North Korea seems now to be little more than empty rhetoric, and in some cases it appears outright disingenuous, specifically the backing of the North's recent calls for talks in spite of their questionable sincerity and the fact that Pyongyang is endeavouring to ignore everything that occurred between March 26th and November 23rd, 2010.

“The point of the Six-Party Talks is not to talk," Hill went on in his lecture at Asan Institute for Policy Studies, “The point of the Six-Party Talks is not to have a party.”

"The point is to denuclearize North Korea."

Looking back, that is when he rather lost me, but it had been going well up to then.

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