Tuesday, February 15, 2011

China Publicly Backs Kim Jong Eun (Perhaps)

Here (in English) is an interesting thing to ponder (below translation me, from Korean original);

Xinhua, unlike Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA), did not refer to Chinese State Councilor Meng Jianzhu saying that China "ardently congratulates Comrade Kim Jong Il on becoming General Secretary and Comrade Kim Jong Eun on becoming Chosun Workers' Party Central Military Commission Vice Chairman at the Chosun Workers' Party Delegates' Conference, therefore gloriously solving the problem of succession to the Chosun revolution."
Both reports emerged today. So did Meng congratulate the North on Kim Jong Eun's succession but the Chinese media is reluctant to report it? Or is KCNA just making it up (unlikely but not impossible)? Meng's words also went unreported here, to name but one other Chinese media source. Perhaps Adam Cathcart, a man of far greater Chinese knowledge than I, will come through with something domestically Chinese, or maybe, as I suspect is more likely, most people in the Chinese leadership, without regard to whether they support North Korea or simply wish it would go away, think it prudent not to make too much of this kind of thing.


  1. Hi Chris, good question! I have some tentative answers (and a few links) on my latest hip-with-the-times "broadcast":


  2. I saw your video, actually. Very nice, and very 2011, as you said. It actually made me wonder briefly whether my e-mail re: podcasts had inspired you, but assume that was just coincidence.

    Anyway, though, good as it was, I don't think it really addressed the question in this post per se, so my interest stands.

    However, while we are on the topic of that video dispatch, I was wondering whether you had any thoughts on your comment, "NK will not treat dialogue with SK with any respect, since they can get what they want from China" or something similar; namely how it jives with the idea that Kim Jong Il is fundamentally wary of the Chinese and not keen to have to rely on one backer alone.

    Divide and conquer has always been his and his father's strategy, has it not?