Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zooming Down a Reuters Wormhole

Alright, I've got a very minor mystery for you. Basically, this morning Reuters ran an article about some new violations of UN Resolutions pertaining to Iran, in which it stated North Korean culpability. Here is an article about it from the UN Security Council website, which references the case but is short on detail.

The interesting thing is that shortly after I read the Reuters piece and while I was still in the process of writing about it, Reuters took the original article down and it has never gone back up.

What to make of it is up to you. In order to help you decide, the newsworthy part of my work is below, and here is the only other article in existence on the subject; it is from the Jerusalem Post, and cites the orginal Reuters piece.

North Korea and Iran are continuing to try and circumvent UN Security Council sanctions in place against them, it was revealed in a regular sanctions meeting in New York yesterday.

A case involving North Korea was one of two fresh violations presented to a committee charged with overseeing the enforcement of sanctions against the Middle Eastern country and apparently involved an attempt by Pyongyang to sell aluminum powder to Tehran.

Although the details were not revealed publicly by the committee, currently chaired by Ambassador NĂ©stor Osorio of Colombia; the facts were later revealed to Reuters by another UN diplomat.

"The aluminum powder was from North Korea and interdicted by Singapore," the diplomat is quoted as saying.

In the other case, the diplomat said that phosphor bronze had been exported by a Chinese company but interdicted in South Korea.

According to Reuters, other diplomats subsequently confirmed both cases.

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